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Guaranteed Fixed Rate Pricing !

26 July 26, 2020

No more hassle !
Guaranteed Fixed Pricing !

Have you every booked an escort where you  were given a specific price quote, and then when she arrives, the price is completely different ?

You are not alone !

Millions of men around the world are being “horn swaggled” every single day !

Many escorts services and independent escorts give customers a “over the phone” quote which is nothing more than a rouse to lure you into booking with them.  Then when they arrive at your location the bait and switch starts. This is wrong on so many levels. In fact it stinks to high heaven !

First off, no one likes to be taken advantage of .
It starts things off on a bad note.

This now makes it difficult to enjoy yourself .
The point of choosing to schedule an appointment with a companion is to find a way to forget about the stress of everyday life.

Second, want happens if you really believed the price was the “Price” and you were not prepared to pay anything additional. As many people are experiencing a time when budgeting your “fun” money is more important than ever, knowing what you are going to need to have a wonderful time with your model is not something that should be a guessing game !
Wouldn’t it be disappointing to go to the movies and to plan to take with you $40.00 for everything. Only to find out that the tickets are not $15.00 each they are $30.00 and that if you want butter on your $7.99 popcorn it will be an additional $4.99 and if you want any salt, well you better head back to the ATM, because it is an additional $4.99 so I guess a box of junior mints is completely out of the question! It wouldn’t make you want to go back to that movie theater again, in fact it almost makes you want to ask for your money back.  Go home . Pick up some microwave popcorn and some candy on the way and rent a movie on Netflix !
At we will never do this !

This is why customers come to .
We Guarantee our Prices .

At we Guarantee you , the customer that all of our escort reservations come with a “Guaranteed Fixed Price”.
Your time spent with any of our incredible escorts or adult entertainers will always be well worth the price .
It will always be the exact same price that you were quoted before the young lady’s arrival at your location, and when you join the Family , those days of negotiating , haggling , and being hustled are over ! Done ! Gone ! Finito !

“AleeKat” , the owner Guarantees it !

We want you not just as a customer .
We want you to become a regular customer , and a part of our family , the Family .

We know you always have a choice , and we truly appreciate you doing business with us here at Chicago Escorts .

We look forward to building a fun , long lasting and rewarding relationship, so call us now and …

Welcome to the family.

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