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18 July 18, 2020

Welcome to the  …

Review and Blog Page


Here You will all kinds of find updates and reviews .

You will also find tips and the most current information on your favorite escorts , as well as valuable information about the adult entertainment industry every Week !!!

All designed to make your experience with escorts , escort services and the adult entertainment industry …


Are you Looking for Real Answers to Real Questions about the escort industry ? Looking for the “low down” on a specific escort ? Want to know why you should call an escort service , and not an independent escort ?

Well, here it is !

Our Review page and Blog is dedicated to being your best source of unbiased and accurate information on a large list of topics … ranging from information regarding customer experiences with our escort service , reviews on specific girls , as well as important information that you need to know before calling any escort or escort service .

We will take you on a journey in to the mind of those who enjoy adult oriented lifestyles.

Whether you are a successful businessman, nightlife impresario or just the guy next door, we are here to entertain and educate you in the exotic world of adult entertainment. Our goal is to help you understand the industry and to become better informed. Our blog that will help you learn about the do’s and don’ts so you can be the best client, what to look for in an escort that will be compatible with you and most importantly how to enjoy your time with a Chicago Escort.

We will also be blogging on many topics exclusively for the Chicago Escorts. Our focus is to pass along industry tips, pieces of wisdom and educational information. We will guide you through important details, updated new role-play fashions and provide ideas on how to increase income. This will be the best read for any “Part Time Playmate” who is looking to step up their game , and become a very highly requested companion !

Our posts and reviews will be fun , informative, and focus on relevant topics that directly affect the customer experience. This blog can make all the difference between whether or not you have a Good Time or a bad time , so be sure to follow us or check back frequently . This way you don’t miss out on any Information that will help you make better decisions . Chicago Escorts has been serving the Chicagoland area for almost 42 years . That history , along with 1000s of loyal patrons will give you an insight to the business like no other in America . Information is key here ladies and gentlemen , so take advantage of one the best sources available anywhere in the world .

Information is Knowledge , and Knowledge is Power … But only if you use it .

Remember this !

Have a Good Time

We Always keep Your Secrets …


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