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Why should you choose ? 

There are many reasons, but it all starts with having the Absolute Best Escorts in America.

We also realize that there are other things that are important to our customers.

#1 Pricing !

We believe in focusing on the overall experience of the customers. Therefore, there are no hidden fees or costs to you, the customer. Here at Chicago Escort, it’s all about having fun! Providing clients with the best experience as possible is our goal. We strive to make our clients happy by fulfilling their wishes and giving excellent customer service. If fun is what you’re looking for, then Chicago Escort is the company for you!

#2 Honesty and Integrity !

Most escort services in Chicago and around the world post fictitious (fake) pictures of girls on their websites, therefore deceiving you, the customer, by promising one thing and delivering another. More often than not, it is someone of lesser quality.
At Chicago Escort, we believe in the motto, “What you see is what you get.” All pictures on our website are of real girls who work as escorts right here in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
We will never mislead you. We will always work to make you Happy, and Happy is what you will be when you see any one of our gorgeous Chicago Escorts.

#3 Fast and Easy Service !

After 30+ years of serving the Chicagoland area we are regarded as the Gold Standard of Chicago Escort Services. Often times the Window of Opportunity to Have a Little Fun is a small one; therefore, Everyone here at Chicago Escort promises to always respect your time, and Our Chicago Escorts will always make every effort to arrive in a timely manner. We will not keep you waiting, and you will never leave feeling disappointed !!! We take a lot of pride in what we do , and we do it better than anyone else . When you choose our Chicago Escort Service , our primary goal is to make you a happy customer for life .

#4 We will Always Keep your Secrets  !

Since 1978 Chicago Escort has been proudly servicing the Chicagoland Area, and in those 4 decades we have never compromised a customer’s Privacy or Integrity, not ever !!! Not many companies and/or web sites big or small can say that, but …we can!

In today’s digital age keeping secrets and maintaining privacy has never been more important.
Our owner, “AleeKat ” has a saying, “We are in the Have Fun business, not the Tell-on-You business”, and rest assured.
We will protect your Secrets the same as a “junkyard dawg”protects his last bone!”

Bottom Line: Here at, we will always Keep your Secrets …Secret!!!

#5 Provide Discreet Billing !

Chicago Escort accepts all major credit cards, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash .
We even accept crypto currency such as  Bitcoin, Etherium, ect .

All transactions are discreetly billed in keeping with our commitment to always provide absolute privacy and discretion for all of our customers.

#6 Lastly …

Every single one of our Chicago escorts has a PhD in the Art of Entertaining Gentlemen, and a Masters Degree in Pleasure !

Therefore, rest assured.

Every time you call for a Chicago Escort , We Promise.

You will always have an …

Amazing Time !

To Make your appointment with an Amazing Chicago Escort simply call …

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